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2243 Paradise inside

And the LORD God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed. Gen 2:8 ESV

Before sin man lived in harmony in paradise. He had peace: peace between him and his fellow human, between him and his creator, between him and nature. He was free, without fear or guilt. Sin, however, changed everything for us: anxious and laden with guilt, we now have to negotiate the thorns and thistles of our everyday lives. The Biblical creation story does not just tell us about the birth of all humans, but also about the birth of every man. In the body of the mother, there is no fear or stress, no shortcomings. Just harmony and peace. Then we are “driven out” of this paradise, into a world of challenges and needs in which we have to fight to survive. The point, however, is that we still carry paradise IN us – that we still yearn for what we’ve lost, that we still want to return. Deep in our heart we know who we really are: loved, fearless, free. Do you also long for that? Then follow the Lord – he will take you back there!

Thank you, Good Creator, for making a perfect world. It’s we who are at fault. Lead us back into your good and perfect will for us. Amen.

Know that you can return!

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