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2059 Learn to pray: for today

Give us this day our daily bread. Mat 6:11 ESV

Jesus taught his disciples how to pray by teaching them the “Our Father” – it’s his prayer course! In it we learn that our own prayers are most often the wrong way ‘round. OUR prayers usually are all about ourselves, but HIS prayer teaches us to start with GOD. Only once we have prayed about God’s honour and praise, his kingdom and his will for us we can be ready to pray for our own needs. It’s very surprising to see here how Jesus summarizes ALL our physical needs in this ONE sentence! It’s as if our physical needs are less than we thought! We do learn, however, that we need to pray for “this day”: to live for today and trust God for today. Tomorrow we’ll pray again! Then we see that our needs have to do with the basics, the necessities. We can have this assurance, though: God knows our needs better than we know them ourselves! When we pray for our needs, we should especially confess THAT. He knows – God knows!

Lord, I cannot help but to express my needs to you. Still, I am grateful that you know my needs – and my true needs – better than I do myself. Amen.

Pray for today, trust for today!

These devotions are part of a series on discipleship. Follow the whole series!

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