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2081 God is God and I am not

And Jesus answered him, "It is written: You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.” Luk 4:8 ESV

God must be worshipped, because he is God – period. He is worthy of worship per definition. To NOT worship God is the gravest sin. Remember that God does not need our worship – especially to be God. It’s not our worship that makes him God! We, however, need to worship him, because if we don’t we tend to consider ourselves as God. Our nature is to be our own master, to be independent of him, to do our own thing. That is the essence of sin. That’s also why worship is so essential in our lives, because it confirm that HE is God and I am not! It aligns us to our Creator and gives us our proper place: at his feet. I can never be God, but I can be fully HUMAN – to HIS glory! Worship frees me to be who I was created to be: man in a relationship with God. Worship gives me the peace that a child has.

Lord, YOU are my God. You are my Father – I am a child at your feet. THAT relationships brings me peace. Be God in my life in every respect. Amen.

Let God be God!

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