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2086 Worship in my spirit

God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth." Joh 4:24 ESV

Here Jesus is teaching the Samaritan woman about true worship. He say worship is not about externals like the correct location or a suitable temple. Both the Samaritans and the Jews had many ceremonies and rituals in this regard, which were actually very beautiful. Still, outward worship means nothing if it’s not driven by a heart that truly worships. We need to start with a heart that seeks God, that loves God, that desires to please God. Worship will flow from a heart that is touched by the Holy Spirit. So, if you are moved by the greatness of God, if you want to praise him because of the abundance of your joy, if you revel in his presence or his works, that’s the start of true worship! Whatever outward way you then choose to express your devotion, be it praying, singing, attending public worship, serving in the streets, creating art for him, or whatever – THAT will be true worship! So, let the Holy Spirit put your heart on fire – then your whole life will be an act of worship.

Holy Lord, ignite my heart with love for you – make my life a living sacrifice! Amen.

Worship from a heart that burns for God!

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