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2087 Worship in truth

God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth." Joh 4:24 ESV

Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that God must be worshiped “in spirit and truth”. What does it mean to worship in “truth”? Well, the “true worship” that Jesus is alluding to here has to do with the fact that HE is the Messiah. He says true worship henceforth will include the fact of God’s Anointed, the Christ. True worship in future will be “Christian”. Today, we’ll find true worship in Christ’s church: wherever the Word is proclaimed directly and truthfully, where Jesus is honoured and served and where the fruit of the Spirit is evident. Remember, the church REMAINS the body of Christ, REMAINS the community of saints, REMAINS God’s instrument on earth – and you and I REMAIN part of it! Be there, then, and take your part! Join the community and the fellowship, sing and pray with your brothers and sisters and listen to the Word. Stay for a cup of tea! If your heart is true all these things will be part of your “true worship”.

Lord, thank you for your church and for my church. Holy Spirit, help me to attend church with a heart filled with worship! Amen.

Worship God in his church!

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