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2110 Make space for God

… present yourselves to God as one living from the dead, and your members instruments of righteousness to God. Rom 6:13b ESV

The spiritual disciplines, such as prayer or the Word, living in community, serving or giving are not religious works, nor “laws”. They are not heavy yokes we lay upon each other. They do not even make us “better” Christians than others. Spiritual disciplines are there FOR US, they are merely OUR ways of living with God. One definition of spiritual disciplines is that they are the spaces we create to experience God in our lives. For example, when we stop to pray we create a space for God – even in the busiest of days. When we regularly read the Word we will receive God’s input THERE. When we attend the worship service, we find ourselves in a space in which we can hear God. To give in a disciplined way, to praise God or to serve others are all spaces in which we can experience him. Remember, when we make space for God in our day, he will come and fill it – and we will be blessed because of it!

Lord, my day is so busy and so full, but not full of you! Help me to create space for you in my life. Amen.

Make space for God!

These devotions are part of a series on discipleship. Follow the whole series!

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