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2134 Love does what is needed

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. Gal 6:2 ESV

Love, the great commandment, is called “the law of Christ” here, by Paul. That’s beautiful! Yes, love is the guideline and goal of our spiritual life. Love is difficult to define, though – because it’s many things – but the following formulation highlights an important aspect of it: “love is the things we do to facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of another”. This definition emphasizes love as actions, as a practice. It also says that love is truly concerned about the growth and wellbeing of other people. Finally it implies that love does what others really need – not necessarily what they want! People often ask of us something they truly need. Then love says, “yes” – if we can. Sometimes, however, people ask us something they want, but which would not really be beneficial for their growth. Then love can say “no”. Love has boundaries, in other words – yes, love is “tough”, sometimes! Whatever your answer is, though – let it be in LOVE!

Heavenly Father, you also say “no” to some of my requests – but I trust you! Help me to discern what would really be the best for others and then help them, if I can. Amen.

Give what is really needed – in love!

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