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2144 The natural comes first

But it is not the spiritual that is first but the natural, and then the spiritual. 1 Cor 15:46 ESV

Paul is writing here about the earthly life and the future life, about the physical body and also the spiritual, “glorified” body. He says the second always proceeds from the first. Then he makes this general statement, which – at the first look of it – seems wrong,”unspiritual”: he says the “natural” always comes first, then the “spiritual” follows. This is an important truth: natural life precedes the spiritual life! Yes, our first calling is to live life: to grow, to work, to enter into relationships, to raise children – such things. Few are absolved from this, the “circle of life”! DO LIFE, then: work to get ahead, give and receive love, take what life can offer you. From OUT of the natural life the spiritual life will grow, because spiritual life is nothing other than NATURAL LIFE LIVED FOR GOD. Do not try to attain a spirituality that is not grounded in ordinary life anymore. Such a “spirituality” is worth little. Keep your feet on the ground!

Mighty Father, help me to live my life to your glory, in every aspect. Be glorified at home and in my work. Amen.

Make a success of your life – for God!

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