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2183 Called to wholeness

And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. Luk 2:52 ESV

What is our calling? The general calling of mankind is to be man or woman as God created them to be: as the image of God, to the glory of God! Take note: our humanness play out in the four dimensions described in this verse: the physical dimension (Jesus’ “stature”), the psychological dimension (“wisdom”), the social dimension (“in favor with man”) and the spiritual dimension (“in favor with God”). We need to grow in all these dimensions, otherwise our lives will be out of balance misaligned. If we, however, grow in these dimensions, we become WHOLE persons – integrated and balanced. Then our relationships will be in order: toward ourselves, toward others, toward God, toward the world. Then we’ll have peace, shalom; we’ll be well, blessed, steady, strong. Yes, God is calling us to wholeness! Work, with the help of the Spirit, toward wholeness! You now know what it means.

Holy Spirit, I still have brokenness – on many levels. Help me to become whole, healthy – well in every respect! Amen.

Take responsibility for your wholeness!

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