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2216 God accepts you as you are

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. Joh 3:16 ESV

To describe God’s love the Biblical authors took an old word and gave it a new meaning: agape (ah-ghá-pay). Agape-love describes the essence of love – the love that God has and God’s love that we must have, as far as possible. What is this divine, agape-love?

  • Agape-love flows from a heart of love. God loves because he IS love. His love streams continuously and unilaterally – whether it is reciprocated or not. Our own love often goes to those who love us as well!
  • Agape-love is unconditional. It sets no restrictions or conditions. It loves even the worst person! Our own love, on the other hand, often goes to those who are “worthy” of it, as we think – to the “good people”.

Agape-love is the love that a parent has for his child. Whether the child is good or bad, whether he turns out to be a missionary or a murderer, a parent loves him anyway. He – or she, of course – is their CHILD. Remember this: whoever you are or whatever you have done, good or bad – your Heavenly Father really, really loves you!

Thank you, Father, for your endless love. I know that I’m not worthy of such perfect love, but I am so grateful for having such a perfect Father! Amen.

Be grateful for God’s love!

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