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2220 Understand the brokenness

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We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19 ESV

It’s difficult to love people, especially some people! Some really do not deserve love – they deserve rejection, punishment! Still, we do not love because people deserve it – we love because we have God’s love in our hearts. If we look around us in the world, sin and its effects should make us very sad. It causes so much suffering, so much hurt! The world is so broken – people are so lost! Jesus had compassion for people, even for those who rejected him, because he knew the human condition, including its sinfulness. When he visited with sinners and showed them love it wasn’t to accept their sin, but to accept them – to save them! Let’s have more compassion for people, even for the worst among us, because they represent the effects of sin. We understand their sinfulness, because we’re also sinful, also broken! Remember, condemnation and criticism cannot save anyone. It changes no-one. Only love changes people. It was love that changed us! Just keep to the command to love others.

Lord, I do not always have love in my heart. I often have anger and condemnation. Still, I understand man’s sinfulness, because I know sin myself. Amen.

Understand the human condition!

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