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2223 Then, accept yourself

He who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church. Ephes 5:28b-29 ESV

As growing Christians, we must develop a mature acceptance of who we are. A healthy self-concept will include knowing and accepting our strengths and our weaknesses, our virtues and our vices. That’s the way God accepts us! Of course, we still need to work with your sins and shortcomings, but our sins must not prevent us from living boldly out of God’s forgiveness and grace. Two extremes must be avoided here:

  • You can hate sin in yourself so much that you hate yourself. Or you can see sin where there is no sin. In that way you can end with inferiority and self-pity.
  • You can also deny the sin in yourself so much that you think you have no sin – and in that way end with superiority and arrogance, while your sin is not being addressed!

Both these extremes are unhealthy and unrealistic. It’s just not how we are! We are God’s beloved, we are his redeemed, we are his children and yes, we’re not perfect – but God is busy with us. Make that your self-concept!

Thank you, Lord, for loving me. Thank you for working in my life. I accept myself the way you accept me! Amen.

Accept yourself!

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