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2226 Find your priorities

… great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities. But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray. Luk 5:15b-16 ESV

It’s interesting to read how Jesus sometimes avoided people. He often sent the crowds away to spend time with God. His priorities were certainly straightened out! Perhaps we should look at our own priorities again as well. Take time and write your priorities down – any way you want. The following are examples, though: (1) God comes before everything else, (2) people come before things and (3) people come before money. (4) Family comes before work (in the final instance) and (5) work comes before pleasure. Also think of things like the following: (6) the authentic comes before the artificial, (7) the natural comes before the man-made and (8) the simple comes before the complicated. Elaborate on it any way you want! If we don’t know what our priorities are, we won’t be able to say “no” for anything – we’ll say “yes” for everything! Remember, if we try to be everything to everyone we’ll end up being nothing to no one! No, we cannot do everything, we must choose what we do in line with our priorities – and our priorities must be in line with God’s Word.

Father, help me to live a purpose-filled life! Lead me by your Spirit to focus on what you want me to focus on. Amen.

Be clear about your priorities!

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