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2228 Determine your balance

And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. Luk 2:52 ESV

We already said our lives – as Jesus’ – play out in four dimensions: the physical (for example health, work and finances), the psychological (self-knowledge, personal growth), the social (relationships, community, love) and the spiritual (prayer, the Word and faith). If these aspects are all in balance we experience wholeness, synergy – equilibrium. Award yourself an intuitive point out of ten for each of these four dimensions and see how your life’s balance looks! Coaches often do a “Wheel of Life” exercise with their clients on more fields, for example: (1) Health, (2) Career, (3) Money, (4) Marriage, (5) Social, (6) Leisure, (7) Personal development and (8) Spiritual. Points are similarly awarded out of ten for each of these on eight axes of a radar graph. Do it for yourself and see where your life is out of balance – and why you’re so frustrated! Can you now identify the imbalances of your life? Discuss the matter with the Lord. Then, set goals and work toward them.

Father, my life belongs to you. Help me, through your Holy Spirit, to live a life that is balanced and sustainable – a life that honours you! Amen.

Get an idea of your life balance!

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