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2247 False self, false life

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart. Prov 21:2 ESV

As we grow up in the world we become more and more a unique person – we “individuate”. This normal and healthy process is hijacked by sin, however. Because we need to survive in the world we become what the world wants us to be, not what God wants us to be! We become self-centred and hard, we pretend, we wear masks – and then we believe we are our masks! In this way we develop a “false self”. As we grow up spiritually we must learn to identify the false self in our lives. Take note: everything that is selfish and egocentric, all pretence and artificiality, all hardness and lovelessness is NOT your true self. That’s not how God made you! Also pay attention to your ego and your efforts to control, to receive attention and all denial, distortion or avoidance of reality. All these things are part of the false self! Just to recognize these things in your life is the first step towards your growth.

Lord, help me to look at myself honestly and see everything that you didn’t make – everything that is false. Amen.

Recognize your false self!

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