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2280 Know the enemy

And he said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Luk 10:18 ESV

We must be conscious of the enemy, the evil one – the devil. Not overly conscious, just conscious. Where does the devil come from? Well, according to the Bible Satan is a created creature, just like the angels. Satan’s evil started with himself, when he decided to rebel against God. Because of that he was thrown out of heaven, together with his followers, the evil spirits. It’s important to know that Satan isn’t merely Gods opposite, his counterpart. No, Satan features under God. God made him and God will also destroy him. Satan’s power is limited – God’s is not! While man is on Earth, however, and need to make a choice, Satan will be there to offer us the wrong choice. The Bible always depicts him as a “seducer”, a “deceiver” – as the one who tests us. Remember, when you stand before a decision, you’ll hear two voices: the will of God and the advice of the devil. Listen to the former, never the latter!

Father, I want to listen to your voice. Help me to discern all other voices correctly. Amen.

Recognize the voice of the Satan!

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