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2283 Forbidden terrain

He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in him. Col 2:15 ESV

Because of the cross our sins were forgiven, which broke the enemy’s hold over us. He is undeniably defeated by Christ. Does that mean that we can now forget about him? Unfortunately not! Although the devil cannot win anymore, he’s still trying to do us harm. There’s also a certain reach, a specific terrain in which he can be especially harmful. It’s like a dog tied down with a chain: he cannot get to you unless you move within the reach that his chain allows. There you’ll find yourself in great danger! This terrain of the evil one is what we call the occult – a word meaning “hidden”. The occult includes all sorcery, divination and spiritism. If we willingly seek out the things of the devil, we will become ensnared by it, which will create distance between God and us. It gives the enemy a right in our lives, a hold on us, which can lead to sin and other problems. Christian, do not go there!

Almighty God, keep me away from what is wrong. Amen.

Avoid the terrain of the enemy!

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