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2288 Accept your authority

And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases. Luk 9:1 ESV

Jesus gave his disciples power (spiritual strength) and authority (the jurisdiction to exert that power) over all evil spirits. By this he not only mandated his first disciples, but all his disciples – including us! Then he sent them out, commissioned and empowered, and promised them that he would be with them on their mission – right to the end. By the same act we’re also mandated and empowered to go out and resist the enemy’s work wherever it is found. Take note that our authority over the evil one is not dependent on our sin or sinlessness. No, then no man would’ve had authority over the devil. Our personal sin in this regard is technically irrelevant, although the enemy would want to point it out to us! Our authority lies in Jesus’ sinlessness, his victory and the fact that he has given us a legal mandate to act in his name. Accept your authority! Work with the power that the Lord gave you!

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me power and authority over the evil one. Help me to use it effectively against every wrong. Amen.

Accept your authority!

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