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2312 No, it’s us

I, my family, and the rest of your people have sinned by choosing to disobey you and the laws and teachings you gave to your servant Moses. Neh 1:6b-7 ESV

Scripture is clear that man must take responsibility for his own sin. Adam blamed Eve (and even God) and Eve blamed the snake - still, both of them sinned and personally had to bear the consequences. Today we still see the misery of sin all around us. We see governments declaring war and then we see mothers and children dying in their war. We see politicians stealing millions, yet we see millions who do not know what they will eat tonight. We see senior citizens, cruelly attacked or killed, while others are defrauded out of their whole pension. We see murders and rapes, car jackings and home attacks. We even see children and animals brutally hurt. Yes, people lie, cheat, fight and hate. Then they look up to heaven and say: Is this a God of love? No, friend! It’s not God. WE do these things to each other. It’s us! On the contrary, God warned us against exactly this.

Heavenly Father, indeed – we sin. It’s in your nature and we confess it. Save us from our sin! Amen.

Accept responsibility for sin!

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