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2313 Guilty and accountable

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom 6:23 ESV

Everyone sins. Therefore, everyone is guilty before God. It’s not debateable because everyone’s sin and guilt has already been proven. In fact, the Bible says a charge sheet has already been issued for every person! Yes, all are accountable to God, all are guilty before him and all are punishable according to God’s laws. The Bible says that the punishment of sin is “death”, by which it firstly refers to PHYSICAL death – our mortality, in other words. Scripture is clear that pain, suffering and death are all the result of sin. Secondly it refers to SPIRITUAL death, since sin separates us from God and from the meaningful and abundant life that he offers. Without God we are lost, purposeless and not fully alive. Thirdly, it refers to ETERNAL death. Remember, to be totally cut off from God and his mercy, to be alone in a meaningless existence is what hell is all about. That is what happens when death takes over completely. That is where sin leads us to. How sad, how tragic!

Heavenly Father, praise you for saving me! Thank you for granting me true life, abundant life and eternal life. Amen.

Accept the life that God offers!

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