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2314 Humanness, sinfulness

You are merciful, LORD! You are kind and patient and always loving. You are good to everyone, and you take care of all your creation. Psalm 145:8-9 ESV

It’s beautiful that God never blames us for our humanness. Never! On the contrary, the Bible says God knows us completely: our frailty, our brokenness – even our sinfulness. Remember, man’s sin didn’t surprise God. He knew about man’s sin since eternity, yet he wanted to make man with free will. Otherwise man wouldn’t have been man! Similarly, God’s solution for sin, namely Jesus Christ, wasn’t an afterthought, an emergency plan. No, since eternity Christ was God’s Word spoken to man, the Mediator who came to us in the fulness of time. The point, however, is this: in the whole tragedy of sin God still loves us – always loves us! What God asks is that we share our humanness with HIM, that we bring our sinfulness to HIM. HE will help us and heal us! Ultimately our sin will not be the problem, but the fact that we didn’t bring it to God. In that way we remain lost.

Lord, thank you for knowing me through and through – and still loving me! I bring my brokenness and sin to you – heal me and forgive me! Amen.

Go to God with your sin!

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