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2325 Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus

2325 Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus

She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. Mat 1:21 ESV

When Mary’s baby was born, she gave him the Biblical name Joshua, which means: “the Lord saves.” Joshua, of course, is the way we pronounce it, in their own language Mary called him Yeshua. In the (Greek) New Testament it is rendered the way we also use it: Iesous, “Jesus”. Anyway, it’s as if Jesus took the meaning of his name very personally – as it was meant! Over time, as he understood that God called him to be a saviour, he deliberately took on the role and BECAME the Saviour. We, his followers, believe and know that he was the Saviour, since we experienced his salvation in our hearts. We now have God’s love and forgiveness and peace! You do, don’t you? Remember, God gives it freely to all who take it in faith. If you ask for salvation, simply and sincerely, you will receive it as God’s gift of grace. Have you done it? Then you can rejoice, because your sin no longer stands between you and God. The Saviour took the punishment for it on the cross. You are saved!

Thank you, loving Father, for saving me through Jesus Christ. I fully accept it in faith. Amen.

Accept the Saviour and his salvation!

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