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2328 The cross as full payment

After Jesus drank the wine, he said, "Everything is done!" He bowed his head and died. Joh 19:30 CEV

One way to understand the cross is to see it as the repayment of debt. Just before Jesus died, he called out: “it is finished!” His calling and task was completed – everything was done. The word he called out, though, also meant “paid”. In fact, it is said that this was the word – tetelestai – that, in ancient times, was written underneath a fully paid account. Seen like that, Jesus called out: “fully paid”! In the Bible, especially in the New Testament, sin is often described as debt – a debt towards God that we cannot repay. Someone must be merciful and pay our debt on our behalf – and Someone did! On the cross, Jesus Christ repaid our debt in full, cancelling the letter of demand against us, clearing our name completely. What new freedom we now have before God! Remember, the debt that Jesus repaid was our total debt: past, present and future. ALL of it, paid in FULL!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for repaying my debt. Thank you for the freedom I now have. Amen.

Accept that your debt has been repaid!

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