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2333 Faith is simple

Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it." Mar 10:15 ESV

Faith is a big topic in the Bible – big and rather complex! It can be many things: faith is knowledge, a feeling, a decision, a response. Faith is also our behaviour, our lifestyle. In the Bible there are different sorts of faith, for example faith that saves us and faith when we pray. Faith is a mystery, because it’s something that WE must present but it’s also something that GOD must give. We say that faith saves us, but what we mean is that God saves us – through faith. And why would God choose our faith to save us by? Let’s draw a line, though, underneath all such questions. Faith is also very simple. Here, Jesus took a child and said our faith must be like hers: she has true faith! When a father tells his child he has a big present for her, she accepts it without a doubt. The expectation of that fills her whole being! No, a child wouldn’t reason much about such a promise – she would simply respond from the heart. THAT is the essence of faith.

Lord Jesus, I do not understand all of God’s things, but I do trust you. I believe what you say, and I take with you offer! Amen.

Keep faith simple!

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