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2440 Summary: Seven Names With “El”

We have now discussed many names of God combining with Elohim or its variants El, Elohe and Elah. They are mostly ancient names, many from the times of the patriarchs. The following seven are the most salient, worthy of remembering:

  1. El Shaddai – the Almighty God. Shaddai is your protection, whatever happens.
  2. El Elyon – the Most High God. Elyon is your refuge, your fortress.
  3. El Olam – the Eternal God. Olam promises to be with you, forever and ever.
  4. El Echad – the One God. God is one – and must be the only One in your heart.
  5. El Qanna – the Jealous God. He asks complete devotion, your whole heart!
  6. El Gibbor – the Mighty God. He will give you strength for every challenge.
  7. El Roi – the God who sees. God knows you, and He will care for you.

It would be useful to print out these names and put them up where you can see them. One way of remembering them is by praying through them, keeping to their meanings.

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