2555 Every Dream and Every Promise

There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit. Isa. 11:1 ESV

At several places the Old Testament refers to the Tsemach Yahweh, “the Branch of the Lord”. Remember that the Davidic kingship was cut off for several centuries. After the captivity (about 500 BC) the Jews never had a king again. Still, after all that time the “stump of Jesse” (David's father) sprouted a shoot again, as Isaiah prophesied. A new branch began to grow! That branch was Jesus Christ, the Messiah King, David’s descendant.

Sometimes we think that a case is lost. We tend to write off old dreams. We write off promises we once held dear. We even write off people. We give up on our hopes! Still, we mustn’t leave the Lord out of the picture. With Him everything is possible! Yes, even old promises can be fulfilled; long forgotten dreams can come to fruition. Even people can change. Remember that God knows every dream and every promise – and He never writes anyone off! Do not be discouraged, therefore; do not just give up. “Is the Lord in this matter?” – that is the question! Perhaps you should pray about those things again.

Father, thank you that You know every dream I ever had. I know that all dreams do not work out and that promises can be misunderstood. However, I also know that You’re a good God, with good plans for me. I know that You’re almighty. Reignite the fire of Your vision in my heart! In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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