2572 Summary: 7 OT expectations of Christ

We have now discussed the names, titles and images the Old Testament uses in articulating its expectation of the Messiah. In various ways these names express a passionate longing for a coming King, a Saviour. Jesus Christ fulfilled these expectations completely! The following seven are especially worthwhile to remember:

  1. Shilo – Judah would rule “until Shilo comes”, who would gather the people to Him
  2. Son of Davidthe House of David would rule again, as promised, when Messiah comes
  3. Immanuel – a child would be born, named Immanuel, and in Him God would be with us
  4. Prince of Peace – when He is born, the Sar Shalom, God’s peace on earth, would start
  5. Branch – “a shoot will come forth from the stump of Jesse”, when God plants His new work
  6. Servant – the “Servant of the Lord”, Ebed Yahweh, would come to serve and then to suffer
  7. Cornerstone – when Messiah comes, He would become the cornerstone of all God’s work

It would be useful to print out these names and put them up where you can see them. One way of remembering them is by praying through them, keeping to their meanings.

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