2752 Summary: 7 Images of the Holy Spirit

2752 Summary: 7 Images of the Holy Spirit

We have now covered several images and metaphors for the Holy Spirit in the Bible. Images like water, wind, fire and oil symbolize movement and power. They can even spell out danger if they’re not dealt with correctly! This is the way the Spirit works as God’s power in the world, His action in our lives. The following seven images are especially worthwhile to remember:

  1. Wind – wherever the wind of the Spirit blows, new life erupts
  2. Water – where the stream of the Spirit flows, fruitfulness is the result
  3. Fire – where the flame of the Spirit burns, it purifies and inspires
  4. Oil – where the oil of the Spirit anoints, healing and gifts are brought
  5. Cloud – the Holy Spirit is God, appearing in glory
  6. Wine – when the Spirit fills us, He brings us joy and strength
  7. Dove – where the Spirit rests, He brings His peace

It would be useful to print out these names and put them up where you can see them. One way of remembering them is by using them in prayer, keeping to their meanings.

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