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So he blessed them that day, saying, "By you Israel will pronounce blessings, saying, 'God make you as Ephraim and as Manasseh.'" Gen. 48:20a ESV

When Jacob was old, he formally blessed his children and Joseph's children. For each he had a special word. For example, for Joseph’s sons he gave the words in this verse. It's beautiful that Jews still to this day bless their sons using the same formula: Ye-simcha Elohim ke-Ephraim ve'chi-Menashe.

Let's also bless our children often! Do it the way the patriarchs blessed theirs:

  • With appropriate touch: put your hand on a shoulder or give a hug;
  • With words of high value: say what you appreciate about them or emphasize a strong point;
  • With a hopeful future: say that things will work out for them, that God will take care of them;
  • With a prayer: right there or afterward by yourself. Remember, a blessing isn't just words. It's God's words; it's prophetic because you're saying what HE is saying. Yes, pray it, and believe it, in Jesus’ Name!

You can bless your children in this way or anyone crossing your path. Remember, each of these elements, however it is conveyed, is also a blessing in itself.

Loving Father, help me to be a blessing to others. Help me to build others up, with words of high value and a hopeful future. Remind me also to pray for others. To bless others is a blessing for me as well! In Jesus’ Name, amen.

MEDITATE TODAY: Who must I bless today?

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