2795 Stoke the Fire

Command Aaron and his sons, saying, This is the law of the burnt offering. The burnt offering shall be on the hearth on the altar all night until the morning, and the fire of the altar shall be kept burning on it. Lev. 6:9 ESV

The Lord instituted several types of sacrifices for Israel. The burnt offering, for example, was a daily sacrifice offered mornings and evenings on a fire that always had to stay lit. Through this action, the sins of Israel were atoned for constantly. For us, all these sacrifices pointed forward to the cross. In fact, the cross of Christ was the only true sacrifice ever, reconciling man with God, fully and finally, forever. All animal sacrifices prior to that were mere symbols of it. After the cross, therefore, the Old Testament sacrificial system expired and was abolished.

Jesus Christ opened a stream of grace that still saves and sustains us! It’s all His work: He saves us, never we ourselves. Our “work” is simply to accept the Saviour and His salvation by faith. Then, we do have the task of keeping the fire burning. We must remain obedient; we must remain in Him, bearing fruit; we must remain in communion with other Christians. We must see that we grow spiritually, in other words. Stoke up the fire again!

Gracious God, thank you for the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. Help me today to follow Him, my Saviour, with great faith, with a true heart, willing and obedient. Ignite in my heart, Lord, through the Holy Spirit, a great fire for You – greater than ever before! In Jesus’ Name, amen.

MEDITATE TODAY: Keep me burning!

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