Today we bring you an important announcement!

As you might have seen, we are nearing the end of our current series of devotions from the Psalms. The good news is that it has been accepted as a book by CUM Publishers, and will be in their shops probably next year. In the meanwhile, we will start with a new series, called Follow Me, on 12 September. This time our focus will be more on teaching than on daily inspiration. We will be working through a discipleship course, covering all the aspects of discipleship, from the start of a relationship with Jesus, through all the aspects of spiritual living, right up to dying to the self - 40 topics in all. Every Christian should take his or her discipleship seriously and we hope that through our devotions many will, day by day, grow in following Jesus.

Our series of devotions is based on our foundational course, which now - for the first time - we might be offering in English. This course, "Formation" (in Afrikaans: Geestelike Vorming), can be worked through concurrently with our devotions, since they cover the same 40 topics. The course and the series add value to each other. 

Would you be interested in Formation?

Since translating a course is a big task, I will need to know beforehand whether it will be worth it. If there is enough demand, we will continue with the project, otherwise we will offer the devotions only. To help you decide, I include the first two parts of Formation underneath. You can download it in seconds and see what the course will entail and how it will look. The course is sent out in weekly installments for about a year. Take note: our courses are not offered free, since they make up our income, and the fee for Formation is set at R200 p.m.

Please let me know if you will taking Formation.

All of the best!

Jimi le Roux

Click on the followings links to download the first two parts of Formation

Part #0Cover Page and content

Part #1:Relationship

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