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Our devotions are non-denominational and theologically middle-of-the-road. Our concern is not with doctrine, but with practice. Our accent is on a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, and how to live a Christian life. Our devotions start with a Bible verse, followed by a meditation of one paragraph. It is concluded with a one-line prayer and (often) a "to do"-part. Five minutes can change your day!

BY THE WAY means three things:

  • The "way" as life's journey and my intention to add some spiritual encouragement to your daily walk. So, please stop "by the wayside" for a few minutes and be blessed by God's Word;
  • "The Way" as the gospel or Christian message. Perhaps you know, but in Biblical times the Christian movement was called The WayBY THE WAY will help you, in daily snippets of truth and hope, to stick to the WAY Jesus taught;
  • "By the way" as an interjection, signifying that I want to throw in a remark or question - it refers to what can happen in informal conversation, and so I hope that I can interject in your busy day a comment or thought, just by the way....

More info on our ministry

BY THE WAY is a spin off of a similar Afrikaans ministry, which I called 'PADLANGS'. Starting in 2001, I am now sending out daily devotions via e-mail to thousands of people all over the globe. You will find that the rest of this site is devoted to our Afrikaans devotions, spiritual courses, spiritual discussions and much more. I started with an English version at the request of many and hopefully we will have more English on the site and, who knows, an English site altogether!

1. I am Jimi le Roux, a South African minister of many years. I am ordained in the Christian Reformed Church of South Africa and have worked for 20 years in congregational ministry, but am now full time in internet ministry. I am one of those "post-modern" ministers that find themselves in the middle of the Christian spiritualities: reformed in training, charismatic in experience and worship, and growing with some of the contemplative practises that is so enriching.
2. 'PADLANGS' is an Afrikaans word literally meaning “along-the-way” or “by-the-road” or perhaps “following-the-road”. Figuratively it came to mean “to the point” to describe that frank, direct way of communicating when something needs to be said and there is no time for or the luxury of avoiding obvious truths. 'PADLANGS' therefore meant to refer to short and pointed messages on life’s journey. BY THE WAY was chosen as name because of it's similarity in ring and meaning, more or less.
3. Afrikaans is one of the eleven languages of South Africa and spoken by millions of South Africans. It has grown from 17th century Dutch and has incorporated some of the vocabulary and idiom of Malay, Portuguese and the surrounding black languages. It can easily be understood by the Dutch and Flemish.
4. I also offer informal programs on Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Disciplines, etc. It is sent to those partnering with our ministry by way of regular donations - albeit, as this site indicates, in Afrikaans!  I also offer spiritual guidance, pastoral care, prayer, etc. as well as life coaching (for which I am qualified and registered) via internet or personally.

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